The Law school

The Law School of Orkhon University has been training and doing scientific research for 20 academic years. The center for Legal Advice Training provides the students with the opportunity to spend their leisure hours effectively and give free legal advice. There is a specially accomplished lecture cabinet, courtroom and legal advice office. The students improve their theoretical knowledge by doing professional practice after graduating their second and third course. The opportunity to work and improve skills in the Legal Advice Office, Human Right and Development Center, and Legal Agency is available. Our  Law School has intelligent and experienced professors who have worked for more than 3 years and provide an advantageous, beneficial environment in which students can study.

The School of Humanities

Orkhon Institute was firstly known as “Orkhon University” by the Order (Order No. 7 of 19 on 179) of the Minister of Education on 19 July, 2000. Because of this real reason for the institutional structure above, the university management structure and organization were updated by the Rector Council decision and the Foreign Language Sector was expanded into the Language Studies Department. That a professor, A. E Tugutova was firstly appointed as a head of this department was the start of establishing the School of Humanity.

Today, as the School of Humanity, Orkhon University has a professor, (Sc.D.) and 2 professors (Ph.D. in education), a professor (Doctor of Philology), 7 professors who are doing a doctorate degree and 7 professors (Master), it conducts the undergraduate, postgraduate programs and academic courses successfully.

Undergraduate programs

  • English teacher,
  • Russian- English teacher
  • Mongolian- English teacher
  • Mongolian – Literature teacher
  • Korean teacher
  • German teacher
  • Japanese teacher
  • Elementary teacher,
  • Primary teacher
  • Translator in Korean,
  • Translator in Japanese,
  • Translator in  German,
  • Social worker,
  • Psychologist (bachelor degree)
  • Translator in English (evening  3.5 years)
  •  Interchanging course in Profession of Teacher ( a year )


Postgraduate programs

  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Social Worker


  • Doctorate in Arts,
  • Doctorate in  Education.



  • The International language studies department

  • The Mongolian language and literature department

  • The Educational psycology department

The School of economics and business management

Training start year:2002

School’s Goal: New intention, Creative work, Practical teaching

Undergraduate programs

  • Theory of Economics
  • Accounting –Inspection
  • Accounting – Informatics
  • Custom and Tax Economist
  • Bank economist , Accountant
  • Accountant
  • Economics Management in Tourism
  • Natural tourism
  • Tourism, Foreign Language
  • Secretary-Translator


Postgraduate programs

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration


  • Accounting


  • The Economics department

  • The Accounting department