Foreign Affairs Department of Orkhon University

Relations and cooperation

Program content is comparable to domestic and foreign universities and colleges, especially to the popular universities’ program.In order to make this possible:

  • The US State College of Utah
  • The University of Bradford, UK
  • Association of the Asia-Pacific Universities
  • SIAS International University, the Republic of China
  • The University of DAEGU, South Korea
  • HANKUK University of South Korea
  • GIMCHEON University of South Korea
  • Anadolu University, Turkey
  • Social Sciences University of Lativa
  • SHARDA University in India
  • MODI University in India
  • USA Peace Corps
  • USA Embassy in Mongolia

Foreign relations and international cooperation are the most significant in the policy and strategy of Orkhon University. We adhere to open, active, real and mutually beneficial cooperation principles in our international cooperation. Currently, we have been cooperating, exchanging and comparing curriculums and developing our academic programs with the following organizations.

  • Mody University of India
  • Peace corps of the United States of America
  • Training and research institutes of culture and civilization of South Asia
  • Ape metro consortium of Universities and Institutes in New York
  • Association of European universities and institutes

As a result of our real and amicable cooperation, the Co-op Program of USA, China, Korea and Russia provides exciting opportunities for Orkhon university students to learn and to get simultaneously diplomas of universities of these countries.

The implementation of the 2+2 Co-op Program is a unique feature of our cooperation with prestigious and famous universities.

We have been implementing the 2+2 exchange program with Kimchyeony University of Korea. As a result of it, student in the first 2 years to learn in the university and in the last 2 years in Kimchyeony university and to get simultaneously diplomas of Orkhon university and Kimchyeony university to graduate.

Moreover we are going to implement the 2+2 Co-op program with the International University of Sias which is one of the best universities of China in academic year, 2015. Therefore, the Co-op program with the university of Hankuk which is one of 10 best universities of Korea has been developed.

Features and advantages of the Co-op program of Orkhon university:

The University of Kimchyeony which is partner of Orkhon university was established in 1978, has been accredited by Ministry of Education of Korea and it provides to practice in hotels and airline aviation companies there.

The International University of Sias which is one of 30 best universities of China was founded in 1978. Currently over 25000 students including international students are studying in number of majors of undergraduate and graduate programs in the university. Therefore the International University of SIAS is one of the few universities which implements Co-op program with University of Fort Hays State of USA.

Furthermore formal languages are English and Chinese in the International University of Sias is taught with high level and to get simultaneously diplomas of Orkhon university and International University of Sias to graduate.

Therefore, we have been working as a vice president of consortium of Mongolian universities and institutes.

As a result of collaboration with employers, associations, non-government organizations, private sectors, entities and state we provide graduates with jobs and to recognize our school capacity,and impact and skills of trained specialists by them. Moreover to create human resource which is adapted of market demand and supply according to their order.